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Penies or is it Penus Penis or Dick?

Every male has one but it has at least two names. The medical or anatomical term and the private or familiar term. We use the word Penis or Penus or Penies or even Penice (depending on how we choose to spell it) when talking to a doctor or when in polite conversation you have to refer to it and do not want to appear crude or give offence.

dick sizesBut for the rest of the time it is your Dick, Prick, Cock, John Thomas, Willy, Dong, Trouser Snake……etc.

In fact there are over 120 different words used to name that thing that hangs between a mans legs. Strangely enough there are only about 10 in common use to name a woman’s naughty bits such as twat, fanny, cooch, minge and of course the one that men use and many women object to….cunt.

When Not To Use Penis

Shakespeare said ” A Rose by any name would smell as sweet” and so it all comes down to the way that we as individuals associate particular words with different emotional responses. In the height of passion it is extremely unlikely that I would say to my partner ” I have a desire to insert my penis into your vagina.” That may accurately and anatomicaly be correct but it is a bit of a passion killer and shows an emotional distance when closeness and intimacy is what is intended.

Of course I can say the same thing but use different words and actually excite my partner even though those words are in no way politically correct.

I mention this as throughout this site I will be using both the correct and the familiar words. In my mind I know that I have a penis but in reality I have a dick and visitors who come to this site want to know something about their own schlong, pizzle, percy etc.

What you will learn here about your dong

In one section I talk about the different ways you can gain girth or make your dick thicker. Or perhaps you are interested in penis lengthening. The options are exercises, pumps, pills, weights and (for the brave) surgery to increase length. I have put up pages that deal with each of these and give you my thoughts

In another I tell you about Jelqing with its exercises and its dangers together with some reassurance about wanking and I also have a section on the health of your penies. What I have not done is to go into great medical or anatomical details. If you want that sort of information then try this page which has some amazing stats about the penis in nature:

What we all want is a problem free dick that works properly for all of its functions.

So on this site you will find stuff that is all to do with your special friend…..whatever you name it. Mine is a dick so I probably use that more often than any other word.

Is Dick Size Important?

I found an interesting article by Monica Heisey which includes the following observation from a female’s perspective:

For a start, not all penises get to be representative of strong, manly qualities. We know the hierarchy: big = good, small = bad. For an organ that changes size upward of 11 times a day (and even more frequently at night), the size thing really gets to people. As a woman, I get that. I know what it is to consciously or unconsciously size up my body or parts of my body, noting the sizes of others’, comparing, keeping track. It’s an enormous amount of unnecessary pressure, and it seems to me that if you tell a man he has a “small dick,” the message is more or less the same thing as saying, “You’re fat” to a woman: You are sexually undesirable and not good at being your gender.”

You can read the full article here:

Increase the size of your penis anonymously

You will find no social media stuff here as you probably do not want anyone to know that you are looking for ways to get a bigger dick. Likewise there are no optins for the downloads you can get from me. I have some free penus.pdf files I am happy to share (soon) and so anonymity is protected. I am not looking to put you on some list and then email you.

I do however have links to stuff you can buy on Amazon relevant to what the particular page is talking about. And there are posts about particular products there which give you more details, reviews, pricing etc. You can find the posts by following the links in the sidebar.

I have even put up my own reviews and thoughts on the products you can gain access to from this site. Suggest you read them before taking any plunge.

And lastly there is humour. I have my own style of writing and will hopefully make you smile from time to time. Not in any way poking fun at anyone but rather to make you feel a little better. Some of the videos are serious but some (like the one below) are just funny.

Then there are the questions in the sidebar designed solely to make you laugh. Do hope you enjoy looking around.


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