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September 2017

I apologised last time I had to close the site and so must apologise again for the latest shut down.

Not hackers this time but instead some funny/weird technical issues. The site is built using WordPress….which is a fabulous content management platform….and they keep updating the backend stuff in order to keep the sites secure.

Thats fine but each update can impact on the theme being used thereby causing conflicts or slowing the site down. In this case it was stopping certain things from working at all.

In addition the database became corrupted as it kept going into loops as it looked for things that the update had accidentally blocked.

So I have put a different theme on the site and rebuilt certain aspects with the result you now see. Think it looks OK and is clean and pleasing to the eye.

The shop has gone as it was not working properly…so apologies to those who enjoyed browsing the products.

Instead there is a gadget that lets you look for/search on Amazon.

The big problem I always had with displaying Amazon stuff is that someone in say Canada does not want to be sent to Amazon in the UK and vice versa. The gizmo has solved this by letting the visitor choose which Amazon to search.

The other problem with this site is how to get people to visit as the usual methods of using Social Media will not work as people are reluctant to “announce” that the topics are of interest……which of course they are as demonstrated by the number of people who do manage to find this site.

I am guilty of leaving the site to its own devices…….but there are two new pages… about using porn and the other about blowjobs. Hope you enjoy them.

I will try to put more content up before next Christmas and in the meantime do hope that there will be no more shut downs.