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Premature Ejaculation is No Laughing Matter

We have all heard about the Clinic for Premature Ejaculation sufferers….it is called Touch and Go. Likewise when told that he is a lousy lover the man responds with asking “how can you tell after only 20 seconds?”

premature ejaculationBut it is no joke for those who feel that they cum too quickly.

One bad experience can start a feedback loop or vicious circle that erodes all confidence where sex is concerned.


You become so scared that you will explode too soon that you decide it is safer not to have sex at all rather than run the risk of at best disappointing your partner or at worst being laughed at or riduculed by your partner.

So one part of you is horny as hell and the other is scared of failing.

Thats no way to live and is harmful to your self worth and self confidence. It will affect just about every aspect of your life as you start to believe that you are not good enough, not really a MAN and that if people knew then they would all shun you or put you down.

Some things You Cannot Control

Try telling your index finger to move into a curl. Try wishing it by thinking in your concious mind. Nothing will happen until some part of your brain makes it happen…..and you have no control over that part of your brain.

Then try telling your cock to get hard or just wishing it to be erect……nothing will happen until the part of the brain that deals with arousal sends the signal to the valves that allow extra blood into the shaft of the cock. Then it gets hard.

And you can’t wish an ejaculation to happen. Good thing really cos if we could nobody would ever go to work or get anything done. Just lie in bed cumming every minute until we passed out.

But you can hold your breath for a while and you can control when you go to the toilet…….and you can have some control over when you shoot your load.

How to Control When You Cum

The more you believe it is a problem then the bigger the problem becomes. In fact it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. You think you will shoot too soon and so in effect you convince yourself that you will.

All you need to do is learn a new way of thinking. If you read up about NLP (neuro linguistic programming) then you start to realise how behaviour can change when we learn how to make different associations within our brains.

That I believe is the basis of the systems included in the courses on “How to Make Yourself Last Longer In Bed” type of sites.

I have found two for you. The first gives you an exit pop up that gives you a free book. You can see what that site is about by Clicking Here

The other site gives you no freebies but lots and lots of testimonials. Suggest you have a look at both and then decide which one feels right for you. The second site is accessed by following this link.

If you are reading this then you believe that there is a problem. Until you do not consider it a problem then it will persist. You do need to break that vicious circle within yourself. I can tell you that it is all in your mind and that there is no problem at all but until you believe that it will keep haunting you.

I know it is difficult to even talk about it but honestly… are ok and it can be made better.

Of course there could be a physical or medical reason that the system is not working in which case you need to see your Doctor for a full examination.

Either way you need to do something in order to feel better about things.


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