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What Use Is a Foreskin?

A question that women supposedly ask is what is the useless piece of flesh at the end of a penis called?

The answer is “A Man”

foreskins are goodCircumcision is the removal of the foreskin. It is usually carried out within the first 30 days of being born so you have no choice in the matter. It may be for religious reasons or familial reasons i.e. your dad is cut so you will be too.

As such you have no idea what it is like to grow up without one if you were left alone or with one if you were cut. And whereas it is possible to have it removed later in life it is somewhat rare (but not unheard of) to have one “sewn back on”.

Indeed there is a medical condition where the foreskin is too tight and cannot be fully retracted thereby making sex somewhat painful. It also interferes with being able to pee properly. In such cases a circumcision is carried out and that is quite sensible for sex should be fun.

Circumcision in Later Life

A friend of mine had it done when he was 48. He could never truly explain why he felt it necessary but he chose to have it done. Think it had something to do with wanting to last longer during sex.

Apparently the pain was truly awful for about 3 months afterwards. Not as a result of the wound (which healed very quickly) but rather as a result of the glans taking time to become desensitised.

Why Have a Foreskin Anyway

When a man with a foreskin or prepuce to give it its anatomical name pulls it back the glans is moist. There are special cells in it which produce a sort of oil or lubricant that enhances penetration. In fact there are also a number of very sensitive nerve endings that link to the pleasure center of the brain.

The glans of a circumcised male is dry in comparison and as such is not as sensitive. In fact the cut prick is not as protected as the uncut brother and so it suffers more from the daily wear and tear that every penis has to go through e.g. contact with underwear.

The result is that by the age of 40 there is a significant loss of sensitivity in the penis of circumcised men over and above the normal deterioration due to age.

The video below tells you ever such a lot about the foreskin and is much better than reading about it so please watch it.

Women Have Foreskins Too

The clitoris has a hood over it and that hood is also a prepuce or foreskin. It serves the same purpose as for males. And yes,in some parts of the world there are misguided souls who think it is a good idea to circumcise females.

But they dont just remove the prepuce….they cut everything away as women are not supposed to enjoy sex.

It is called Female Genital Mutilation or FMG and is slowly (too slowly for my liking) becoming illegal in “civilised” societies.

This is a truly AWFUL practice that needs to be stopped. Learn more at these links and please visit and donate to them.

Thank You

I know it has nothing to do with the male gentilia but just think how life would be if someone had cut off your cock and balls to turn you into a eunoch at the age of 10.



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In this video I talk about the functions of the foreskin and delve into the cultural practice of circumcision (removing a baby's foreskin after birth).