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Does Jelqing Really Work and Will it Give You a Bigger Dick?

I have to say that I had never heard of the expression Jelquing or Jelqing or Jelking (depending on how you want to spell it) but in the course of researching for this site I kept coming across the term (if you will pardon the expression.)

There are many sites that go into great detail about its history (apparently it started centuries ago by the arabs and has been passed on through the generations) and its methods. It means “milking” as it refers to the action used by the hand with the penis.

You can look here:

I am not going to repeat the basics here as you can find them on those other sites all of which seem to be simply repeating each other. You can learn about the dry jelq, the side jelq and the “awesome” V jelq.

Jelquing Aids-Is it to help or make more Fun?

There are lubricants that you can use and special techniques that they say will result in a bigger dick.jelking exercises

But if simply rubbing your dick will make it bigger then surely most men would have 14 foot dongs by the time they were 20.

Perhaps it all comes down to the way you rub your dick.

Is this where I have been going wrong by not using what they call the OK ring and only rubbing when fully hard?

Apparently the pee-pee needs to be semi hard and you rub it for about 50 repetitions with a slow movement one way. It has to be done at least once a day.

To me it looks like and sounds like wanking and all of us have our own preferred method for doing that.

Thoughts on Jelqing Exercises

You will gather that I am a little sceptical about jelquing but that may be as a result of a suspicious mind. I think they tell you that it is an ancient technique so as to reassure you that it has been tried and tested over many generations and so it must work as otherwise it would have fallen out of use.

Or perhaps it has just been used as an excuse. Masturbation has long been a taboo in polite society. Bit like having a shit…everybody does it but no one talks about it. It is discovered at a young age and usually done in private as we are all discouraged to openly touch or play with our genitals. As a result we are brought up to believe that somehow it is “wrong” or “dirty” and feel ashamed if caught doing it.

How wonderful to be able to say that one was not wanking but rather “I was only Jelquing” as if that was somehow more acceptable. Why not test it by telling your parents or your partner “time for my jelquing exercises……back soon” and see how they react.

Is Jelking Dangerous

If it works for you then that’s great. The theory must be sound as we have all seen the pictures of those ladies who have rings put around their necks and over the years the neck is extended by several inches. Likewise the men who put plugs and weights on their earlobes with the result that they lengthen by many inches.

But in practice these activities are dangerous. The females would not be able to survive if the rings were removed from their necks as the neck would not be able to sustain the weight of the head without support.

The video below tells you that there are risks attached to Jelquing and so you will have the information you need to be able to decide what is right for you.

I have put up some videos for you to watch and make up your own mind if it is a practice that appeals. After all if jelqing does increase the size of your penies then why not have some fun whilst doing the exercises.

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Victoria Johnson has a master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor, and an EMDR trained therapist. In her counseling practice, Victoria specializes in working with individuals with sexual relationship issues, sexual dysfunction, sexual trauma, sexual addictions, and transgendered individuals among other areas of focus.

Many men may have heard about jelqing for penis enlargement and wonder if it works or not. Learn the dangers of jelqing and why it is best to just leave it alone.