Male Enhancement: The Ultimate No BS Guide
September 24, 2014
Sarah Palin Wishes President Obama Had Bigger Penis
October 5, 2014

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Ben, a good-natured guy, has lived his entire life with an alcoholic, verbally abusive penis named ‘The Brotha’. The story begins when the Brotha finally goes too far with his dictation over Ben, and both admit to being unhappy with their life. As a result, both start a journey toward happiness which leads to their finding a guide to penis enlargement. Following the guide, they increase the Brotha’s size, and learn sexual secrets which turn out to be only the beginning in their journey towards happiness.

This ‘Novel Guide’ includes step-by-step instructions on how-to:
– Permanently increase the size of your penis using Cristian’s very popular Jelqing technique
– How to find the G-Spot – How to last longer in bed by delaying your orgasm
– How you can please a woman whether or not you have had previous sexual experience This

‘Novel Guide’ also helps you to:
– Decide whether or not you should try Jelqing by describing some of the potential problems
– This book also helps you to become happier no matter your penis size

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