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Be Happy With Your Dick

It’s been with you forever. No one knows it better than you. No one cares about it more than you do and yet do you make sure your cock is healthy?penis health For most of the time it is quiet but you always listen when it talks to you.

There are three ways it communicates and the signals are either pleasure functionality or pain. And we all know which of those we prefer.

The Pleasure Voice of the Penis

Whether we do it to ourselves or involve another the dick is your route to feeling very,very good. There are over 3000 nerve endings around the purple knob and when they are stimulated by touch, pressure or a tongue it leads to an orgasm. Our brains are awash with endorphins, time stands still and we feel….. great.

Is it fair that women have over 9000 nerve endings on and around the clitoris? Is it fair that women can have multiple orgasms when we need time to recover?

But we can only experience our own bodies and it is pointless to wish for someone else’s body.

When we are attracted to someone or the lust center of our brain is stimulated by a photo or image or, say by watching porn the penis tells us that we are aroused and it is ready to perform.

That is a truly lovely feeling and of course we want it to continue and to keep happening. So you must look after your dick.

The Common Function of the Penis

Our bodies are mainly water but it does need to be regulated. Too much is just as bad as too little. We need to take on water every day to replenish cells and wash out our sustems.

In fact the body keeps its temperature sorted by using water. If it is hot outside then we sweat and if it is cold we pee more and our piss is warm.

The used up water is stored in the bladder which gets full and has to be emptied. We all know that feeling when the penis tells us that it is time to let it out. Like a smoke alarm it is telling you to take action and it can be deferred but not ignored.

But there is a reward. There is that lovely feeling you get when you finally release that stream.

If however there is pain when the flow starts or if there is blood in the pee or if it is a funny colour then do not ignore it. Get off to see a doctor asap.

The Voice of a Penis in Pain

Pain is the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. Where the pain is felt gives a clue to what is going on as does the sort of pain, whether it is a stabbing pain,throbbing, itching intense or sporadic.

For men with foreskins there is also the exquisite pain when the foreskin is caught in the zip of the trousers.Yes there is the stinging pain of the injury itself but that is quickly followed by the pain of realising that to free the foreskin the zip has to be pulled down thereby doubling the pain and injury. Not nice.

Then there is the physical pain if your dick has some disease coupled with the mental pain of dealing with it. This mental pain must not be ignored although it often is.

If you have some STD then get it sorted NOW. Get yourself off to your local clap clinic (usually called something like Genito-Urinary Department).

If you are old enough to fuck then you should be grown up enough to seek treatment. Your embarassment is in your mind. The Doctors and nurses see it all day and do not judge.

Yes you will have to name your sexual partners but only so that they can be treated and the disease stopped from infecting anyone else.

It may be that you have been unfaithful and do not want your partner to find out. That is selfish as by keeping quiet you run the risk of infecting your partner. That is not nice.

So bottle any shame and get yourself sorted.

You may be interested or fascinated by some latest research. Apparently they are talking about growing a penis for those who have lost theirs. You can read the article here:

The Health of A Penis

When I started to build this site I looked on the web for other sites to see what they were saying. The wealth of information out there is amazing. I even found one site dedicated entirely to the health of the penis. Dozens of pages with lots of information ……but so boring.

They talk at you rather than to you and its all a bit distant as if they were reading from a text book. Obviously sometimes you do have to get technical but rightly or wrongly I decided to communicate rather than lecture. My assumption is that people who come here have a concern and want to learn more anonymously.

Now I am not a doctor so cannot give any medical advice. But I am a bloke who has a dick and just want it to work.

If you have any sort of disease then get in front of a doctor straight away. You will get nothing on the internet that will cure/sort/fix an infection.

There are some things that look weird but are harmless like some warts or pearly penile papules. I have written some stuff on both of these and will add others if I reckon they are helpful.

If you are looking to change the size of your dick then this is on the site.

The advice I can give is pretty basic and should be obvious. Your personal hygiene is very important. You do need to wash your cock on a regular basis.

If you have a foreskin then pull it back and wash off the deposits under the curve of the purple knob. It is called smegma and if left alone will attract bacteria and start to smell. No one likes a smelly dick.

Of course we all have a sex smell (called a pheremone) which is supposed to attract mates for reproduction. This is picked up on a subconcious level and is either enjoyed or detested by your partner. It is produced whenever you are aroused and so needs to be washed off or it becomes stale and starts to reek.

If you intend to have sex with a stranger then use a condom for the first few months. Not as a contraceptive device but simply to protect your dick from being in contact with that person’s previous sexual partners.

Herpes unlike love, is truly forever….Or so I thought. Have a look at the review on a product that claims to erase herpes.

So keep it clean, listen to it and keep it safe. Then you will have a healthy and happy dick.

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Maintaining a Healthy Penis - What Every Guy and Gal Should Know

Victoria Johnson has a master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor, and an EMDR trained therapist. In her counseling practice, Victoria specializes in working with individuals with sexual relationship issues, sexual dysfunction, sexual trauma, sexual addictions, and transgendered individuals among other areas of focus.

When it comes to a man's sexual health, finding a bump on the penis is no joke, but it is not always a reason for panic. A sex therapist reviews some important steps for maintaining a healthy penis.