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Herpes is A Virus

As I understand things, modern medicines can help sort out bacterial infections but cannot do much about a viral infection. The present concern about eboli is clear evidence of that.

example of virusA virus works by getting into a cell and using that cell’s genetic meaterial to make copies of the virus.

When the cell is dead hundreds more virus copies are released to attack other cells.


Vaccination is our only real defence which involves having a mild form of the virus so that the body can develop natural immunity.

So when someone can actually “cure” a virus that is big news and if someone had a cure for herpes then one would expect to hear or read about it somewhere. And apparently Dr.Christine Buehler has a programme that will erase Herpes 1 and 2 from your body.

Cold Sores and Genital Herpes

Every so often (last time was about 3 years ago) I feel a tingle on one of my lips with a lump forming underneath. So I rush for the Zovirax and put it on. Two or three days later the lump has gone and the tingling stopped….but it did hurt in the meantime.

If you have ever had a cold sore then you know exactly what I mean and know how unpleasant they are. During an attack I avoid kissing anyone…….. anywhere.

I have never had or contracted genital herpes and hope I never will.  If it is anything like the mouth pain then I truly do not want it and would hate to infect anyone if I did. That would be so selfish and completely reckless. The very thought of those blisters on my prick is enough to make me shudder. A normal, functioning, healthy penis is all I want thank you.

Dr.Christine Buehler and Dr Ken Languin

I have my Google Search set to report the first 50 entries. I searched for details on Dr Buehler and although there is a paediatrician of that name in Illinois she looks nothing like the one on the eraseherpes site.

Most of the entries are reviews about the product HSV Eraser.

So I searched for Dr. Languin and also Professor Languin. The results were the same… entries apart from reviews about HSV Eraser.

HSV Eraser Product and Site

If you click on the link below then you go to the site where a video starts with the promise to make you cry.

It goes on forever.

But if you try to leave you are given the option to stay on the page whereupon you can read a transcript of what the video says. That is much quicker than the interminable video which if I haven’t made clear…….goes on and on and on.

I have no idea if their product works. It may do or it may not. It may just be a programme of healthy supplements that boost your immune system which, in itself, is a good thing as no one wants to be ill.

If you do have Herpes then you might be desperate enough to try anything in the hope of relief. So you can visit their site and make up your own mind……but I suggest that you read it rather than watch that video…..did I tell you that it lasts a long time?

Click Here to visit their site… longer works…see the three updates below

Update 1

I wrote this page at the end of October 14 and believe that a number of people have read it and have clicked on the link to learn more about the eraseherpes site.

But recently someone wrote to me to tell me that the link sends to a page that in effect says that I have been sacked as an affiliate. No one from eraseherpes has ever written to me or explained why they do not want traffic from this site….or at least they are happy to have traffic but do not want to pay me any commission.

Instead they announce to a visitor that I am no longer an affiliate and give you the option of proceeding on to their site where if you sign up then they do not have to pay any commission.

An interesting business practice and it is the first time I have ever been sacked without being told about it. Perhaps my article above did not please them or perhaps they have other reasons.

I accept that my style of writing will not please everyone but I mean well and my opinions are mine and can be accepted or rejected. So I have not taken the link down and you are free to visit eraseherpes if you wish.

Or you can visit a different site which proclaims great confidence by calling itself the Ultimate Herpes Protocol.

herpes treatmentIf you want to watch a long video presentation then click the image.

If however you prefer to read what they have to say then Click Here.


They have some interesting testimonials but there again they would not want to publish negative reviews now would they?

Also there is a nice touch in the promise to send $1 for research to continue. That is an excellent business practice in my book.

Update 2…July 2015

The link for HSV Eraser has now been taken down as the owners have been banned by Clickbank…which may mean that it never worked or that they had too many complaints or that the owners did not comply with the rules.

So either the human race has lost a great resource or been protected….until the next breakthrough is announced by Dr Buehler and or Dr. Languin

Update 3……2017

Seems that the Ultimate Herpes Protocol has also fallen foul of Clickbank as you can no longer buy it. So the search for a cure/treatment for herpes continues.


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