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Why is the Size of a Dick So Important

Apparently 98% of all men think their dick is too small and the other 2% are liars. This says a lot about the relationship men have with their penis. The prevailing attitude is that Big means you are strong, attractive and powerful whereas Small means you are weak, and in some way inferior.

So lets talk about dick sizes.

According to some experts, the average size is 5.9 inches and 90% of all penises are between 5.1 inches and 7 inches.

dick sizesThe world records for fully functional penises are as follows. On the low end it is 0.6 inches. On the high end it is a whopping 11.7 inches.

I remember reading about a man in the 1930’s who had a dick of about 22 inches. He was invited to many high society parties where he simply sat and had this monster on display on a silver platter. People looked with astonishment and envy but it was all rather pointless as it was never functional. There was simply not enough blood to make it even partially erect.

There is another story about the man who bought a penis enlarger through the internet. When it arrived it consisted of a magnifying glass together with the manual which simply said “Do Not use in direct Sunlight.”

Here is another snippett from the interesting article by  Monica Heisey which includes the following positive observation from a male:

There were a few ardent small-peen supporters, too. Kenny, 46, has a penis that is “just under four inches” and “about the size of a magic marker (med size).” He was very positive about all aspects of his genitalia, including balls (“left one hangs lower than the right, but feel great!”), foreskin (“I am great with it”), and overall aesthetics and functionality (“it may not be long but it does have a nice head and shoots big loads 🙂 ”).

You can read the full article here:

Why is getting a Bigger Dick Important

The perception of having a large penis is linked to higher self esteem.

Like it or not men are self conscious about the size of their dick. Most feel that they do not measure up but really its about how they feel about themselves.

There have been several studies performed on average penis size and while most men are within the normal range of size they still feel that a larger penis is better.

Studies have shown that while there are a few women who like a man with a larger cock most women prefer thickness to length. This all makes perfect sense considering that most of the sensitivity in the female vagina is towards the entrance, but still many men feel that bigger is better.

The key word here is “average.” No one wants to be described as average. They want to be better than that. They want to be different. Its all about making them feel more self confident and there is nothing wrong with that.

If having a bigger dick is important to you then you should go for it for then you will feel better about yourself and radiate confidence.

One of the ways open to you is to stretch it. Try playing with this calculator. I told it I would use for 12 months and the results they claim were remarkable.

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Calculations based on our average growth rate with the traction device ONLY. Adding the PenisHealth exercises will help you gain faster, more noticeable results.

Their site is interesting and has testimonials and explanations as well as visual “proof”….though I am not going to put up pictures here of different sized dicks.

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Sex and the Small Penus

Are there any other less subtle reasons why you might want a bigger penies?

We all know that the penis is a symbol of masculinity in men. Many men feel insecure about their penis size, believing it to be smaller than average, and so making them less “manly.”

Common effects of this are the loss of self-esteem and confidence, a low state of mind, difficulty relating to other people, and an inability to enjoy sex. And that is sad as sex is a wonderful thing to be enjoyed without hang-ups.

The most common worry for men with a small penis is feeling that he will be unable to satisfy a woman sexually, and generally that he will be less attractive towards the opposite sex.

Whilst it is true that size isn’t everything, the fact that you are small erodes your confidence in the bedroom, and this in turn affects your sexual performance. It can easily become a vicious circle, where fear of failure leads to a poor performance, which leads to fear of failure, which leads to poor performance – and so on and so on.

If this is you then that circle is so vicious that it must be broken.

What are the Options for Male Enhacement?

The obvious ones are pumps pills and surgery all of which I write about on this site. But here is a cautionary tale for those who want to experiment with fast “cures”

In Vietnam, many Vietnamese men attempted self penis enlargement by injecting liquid silicone into their penises, and subsequently suffered from complications such as infections, necrosis, tumors, swelling, and other deformities, losing the ability to have sex, and had to be hospitalized…from wikipedia

You can read an article about the Vietnamese men here:

Your dick is your friend so be nice to your friend and be sensible.

So How Do I Get a Bigger Dick?

There is an ultimate truth about natural penis enlargement, and it is that…There is no such thing as fast penis enlargement….natural or otherwise

You may have seen penis enlargement programs on the web some of which make outrageous claims like, “Grow your penis by 2-3 inches in 6 weeks”.

You are surely too sensible to be taken in by these claims. Penis enlargement exercises are exactly the same as any other form of exercises.

You have to put time and effort in before you see results.

I mean you wouldn’t expect to go from being really fat to being skinny after only one week on a diet would you?.

And you wouldn’t expect to have a six pack after spending a week in the gym.

Proper exercises are exactly the same – they WILL enlarge your penis size – but it will take time and effort.

Have found you two products that offer to give you a bigger dick. By Clicking the Banners you are NOT taken to their site but instead you see what I have to say about each of them.

The first is my review of the Penis Advantage Method

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And whilst on the subject of Videos here is one that I found for you.


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