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Review of the Penis Enhancement Bible

These people have not been around for as long as Penis Advantage but claim that they have so far helped over 15,000 people…..or at least sold that many copies.

Their site consists of the one sales page and does not give as much information……but it does give a video of testimonials from both men and women. Very brave to go in front of a camera and speak about this subject….and fortunately they only talk about it rather than show what they now have.

Their system seems to be based upon increasing the level of the growth hormone in your body. Their video below explains this:


The page is a mixture of common sense, a bit of science to impress you and some hype about how much better you will be in bed.

The common sense is practical. It will not happen overnight and you will need to spend time building up your natural levels of the Human Growth Hormone.

Not sure how the body knows that it is only your dick that needs to be increased in size but the body is an amazing piece of machinery and we know so little about how it works.

As for the hype…..well do you really think that a chat up line of “I have a ten inch dick” is ever going to work? Surely the size of your tool is always going to be a revelation to your partner rather than an expectation.

But the choice is yours. Go and visit and make your own mind up as that will always be the only way you will find out whether it works or is all just pie in the sky.

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