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Increase Semen Volume Means More Cum-Why Is It Necessary?

The male orgasm has a visible product which means it is rather difficult to fake.

The body expels from the end of the penisejaculate volume a whitish sticky substance called semen or seminal fluid but is more commonly referred to as cum, spunk, jizz, lovejuice and/or pearls.

The expulsion is called ejaculation or cumming and the amount or volume of spunk shot out is an interesting subject.

Lets cover the three big questions namely the What Why and How of semen volume.

What semen actually is

Why men want to increase the volume of semen

How to ejaculate more volume

Where Is Semen Made?

If you said testicles then you are only partially correct. Your balls produce sperm but this only makes up about 1-2% of the volume of semen produced.

So an increase in volume does not mean an increase in fertility.The seminal fluid is a medium designed to help the sperm survive…not to make you feel better.

Remember that nature is all about successful reproduction which can only take place if a single sperm reaches and fertilises an egg.

Each ejaculate contains between 200-500 million sperm because the journey from dick to egg kills most of them. The seminal fluid contains some alkali so as to neutralise the acidic traces left in the urethra (the tube from the bladder to the end of the dick) from urine.

It also contains sugars to provide energy to the sperms as they swim.

65-70% of semen is produced by the seminal vesicles which are a pair of glands above the prostate that make all the helpful stuff to keep the sperm going. They also produce the stuff that makes cum sticky and jelly-like.

ejaculate more volumeThe remaining 25-30% is made by the prostate gland which also gives the ejaculate its salty taste.

Eating bananas or pineapple has the effect of making cum taste more sweeter…if this is of interest to you.

Semen is a fairly amazing substance. You have no conscious control over how it is made and it is so clever that the body can get all these separate glands to work together to produce and mix it and then get the pelvic muscles to spasm to expel it.

Does Producing More Semen Mean Better Sex?

Having established that the production of semen is not for your benefit the question arises as to whether the volume of semen produced contributes to successful reproduction or does the amount of cum increase sexual gratification.

In the animal kingdom there is a wide disparity between the average amount of semen ejaculated by different mammals.

The blue whale leads the pack with an average load of 7.5 litres followed by the wild boar with an average of 250ml. You can see more facts here though how and where the figures come from is a mystery to me. Are there really people who have jobs that involve catching and measuring the volume of spunk produced?

quater teaspoon of semen
half teaspoon of semen

The average for human males is anything from 1-7ml (a teaspoon holds 5ml) and the amount can depend on all sorts of things such as age and frequency….yes the older you get the less you produce…but it never completely dries up!

So why is it important to ejaculate more volume? Has any partner ever said something like “you don’t ejaculate as much as the last man I was with?”

And have you ever asked a friend about how big is their ejaculate or how far it shoots out? Men just don’t usually talk about that sort of thing.

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Instead they worry internally about it as it is all tied up with self image, confidence and perceived masculinity. Most men have never been present and watched another man cum. Instead they have watched porn and seen the pornstars shoot buckets of cum in a series of what seems never ending spurts.

They then make comparisons with their own performance and start to wonder if there is something wrong with them as they don’t cum that much and so look for ways to increase the amount of the semen they shoot.

So lets look at why the amount of cum may be significant.

The Medical Side Of Semen Volume

If you have sex or wank three times in a day then the amount of cum you shoot on the third time will be significantly less than the first. This is normal as it takes time for the body to recover enough to fill up the tank!

If you wait 24-36 hours between ejaculations then the volume will be the same.

But if you are worried about the size of your emissions then you should be aware of a syndrome called PEVR which stands for Perceived Ejaculation Volume Reduction.volume of ejaculate

Men who fear or have erectile dysfunction problems often think that they are shooting less and that the volume is linked to performance. Likewise men as they get older.

This creates a loop whereby the perception becomes the reality. “I am cumming less so my dick is starting to fail.” The more you believe that then the more likely it is that it will fail.

The research has found many things that are associated with the perception that one is ejaculating less. But the perception is not the reality so far as erectile dysfunction is concerned.

There is a very real condition called retrograde ejaculation caused by the semen flowing into the bladder instead of being expelled out of the penis.

And there is a link between some lower urinary tract symptoms and a reduction in the volume of ejaculate.

Certain medications and some other medical conditions are associated with PEVR and if you are at all worried about how much cum you are producing then you should discuss it with your doctor.

The Mental Side Of Semen Volume

There are two parts to this question namely how much spunk am I producing and how far do I shoot my load.

There is no right or wrong answer to either. Instead it is all a question of what is important to you as an individual.

Ejaculation is the physical side of your orgasm but the real treat is in the brain. Orgasm sets loose all sorts of endorphins which make the body tingle/shudder/feel and generally make you feel great inside.

Only you can experience your orgasm. The brain is the largest sexual organ that we have and what turns you on and heightens your experience is personal to you.

And at the moment of orgasm are you aware of the speed at which the semen passes through your dick or the number and force of the contractions of the muscles that sends the fluid on its way? Probably neither as you are only aware of the high or buzz that your brain has given you.

I remember reading years ago that at the moment of orgasm or ejaculation your toes curl up and thinking that I must check that out. Many, many, many orgasms later I still do not know if it is true as I am too busy feeling the moment to remember to look and see what my toes are doing.

If you explode inside then you have no idea as to the volume of semen that you have produced but it may turn you on to watch it dribble out of the vagina or anus. Thus you get more pleasure the more cum produced.

increase semen volumeIf you explode outside you may get satisfaction from seeing the spunk shoot out or from watching where it lands. So the more ejaculate volume there is then the more sexual gratification……for you.

I say “for you” as there is no way of measuring satisfaction or pleasure just as there is no way of measuring masculinity for these are cognitive responses i.e. they exist only in your mind.

Someone may feel highly masculine yet only ejaculate less than 1ml whereas someone else may have an ejaculate volume of 7 ml and not feel masculine at all.

In other words it is you that decides what importance and meaning you give to the amount you cum.

And there is no scientific research that proves an increase in semen volume has any impact on the enjoyment of sex which is unsurprising as “enjoyment” is another cognitive response and as such means different things to different people.

It all comes down to the level of your own sexual intelligence namely are you comfortable with your own sexual identity….what works for you.

If in your mind you are a “better” man and/or a “better” lover if you ejaculate more cum then go for it and look for safe ways to increase the volume of your semen. If it is not important to you then do nothing.

How To Produce More Cum

You have no conscious control over your endocrine system so you cannot just tell your body to make more seminal fluid.

This leaves but two options namely abstinence and volume pills.

As stated above if you wait 24-36 hours between ejaculations then the volume of semen will be about the same as the last time. Unfortunately it is not an exponential formula i.e. if you wait 48-72 hours it does not double and it does not quadruple if you wait 96-144 hours etc.

Having said that my own experience is that if you leave it for about five days it does seem a bit thicker but the overall volume is about the same….but thats just my body doing its business normally.

Whether the pills work due to some magical ingredient remains to be seen or proved. They are not medicines tested and approved by the FDA or any other regulatory body and websites selling them are littered with glowing testimonials…..but they are unlikely to publish reviews that say the pills do not work.

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It may be that they do work but are successful due to the placebo effect… take a pill to increase the volume of semen in the belief that it will increase the amount of semen produced.

Because you believe it will work the body does start to produce more cum for you….and if you stop taking the pills then the volume will decrease because in your mind there is a link between the pills and the volume of spunk you ejaculate.

So if you find yourself with PEVR then it is either medical or mental. If medical then check it out with your doctor. If mental then again chat it through with the doctor and/or try the pills. I have put up links to sites that will be happy to supply you.


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An increase in semen volume means that you want to produce more ejaculate. The question is why this is important to you.

Ejaculation is part of orgasm but you feel the pleasure in the brain. Shooting your ejaculate is a muscular spasm over which you have no control. So is it the sight of the semen you produce or the force of the ejaculation that gives you pleasure.

Have you read about volume pills that promise to increase semen volume naturally and fast. You know that the volume of semen produced has nothing to do with your sperm count or sperm
production. Does the volume of semen you produce affect your orgasms?

Will an increase in the volume of the ejaculate make you a better performer.

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