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Can Sex Get Better?

How much you enjoy sex depends mainly on the level of your Sexual Intelligence. You can still (and probably do) enjoy the sexual act even if your Sexual Intelligence is low….but if it were higher then sex does indeed get incredibly better.

I have written a trio of articles on the three intelligencies ( Social, Emotional, Sexual) which I am not going to repeat here. Follow the link above if you are curious to learn more.

sexual intellgenceThe articles explain/bemoan the fact that there is no formal or proper teaching of how we feel in certain situations.

Say that you are attracted to someone you work with and they are unhappily married.

Social intelligence tells you that your employer has a strict non fraternisation policy at work.

Emotional intelligence tells you that you should be supportive to someone who is going through a tough time and not take advantage of them.

Sexual intelligence tells you that you want to go to bed with them and bonk like rabbits.

Which one wins and determines how you react/behave towards that person……or do you struggle with conflicting ideas/desires?

Are you forever dancing around the real issue and not being honest with them or yourself as to how you actually feel as opposed to how you think you should feel?

The problem is that we are never taught about how to manage our feelings….we just muddle through and rely on what happened last time we were in that situation. How many good times are lost because of the fear of doing or saying the “wrong” thing when just telling the truth about how we actually feel could be met with complete agreement?

Learning About Sex

Again no one teaches us about how to have sex. We get the anatomical lessons of course and know that the cock is put inside the fanny which gets wet. The man pumps it in and out and then cums.

But practice is different from theory and our individual sexual intelligence is set by our experiences. By saying this and touching there then licking that and poking it in then we are having great sex.

At least we think we are, they haven’t said anything different or complained and thats what we have always done so it must be ok….isn’t it?

When was the last time you told your partner what really turns you on, what makes time stand still for you, what goes through your mind whilst fucking or where you enjoy fucking the most?

And when did you ask one or even a group of your mates for some tips on how to fuck better or whether they thought they were any good in bed?

The chances are that the answer to both is……NEVER.

Yet women will freely discuss in great detail between themselves the number and nature of their orgasms and what they plan to do to their partner based on shared experiences.Its a shame they are not so brave with their male partners but that is probably due to the man having a low sexual IQ. They think it will scare him.

Getting a High Sexual IQ

It takes time as it requires a lot of unlearning i.e. throwing out old ideas to make room for new ones. One must first find and then accept ones own sexual identity i.e. what makes you tick like a lust demon. What really excites you.

When you are comfortable with who you are then you need to share that with your partner who hopefully will cooperate and then experiment. That takes trust and good communication.

I am working on a course all about sexless marriages that deals with the above in a lot more detail. Its not finished yet but if you are interested in learning more then Read More Here and let me know what you think.

In the meantime I found a site that concentrates more on the techniques and attitudes you can adopt to start the journey of having better sex. Suggest that you watch/listen to what they have to say and see if you are interested. The three tips they give away in the video should give you some idea of what the whole course will be like.

So sit back and Start Here   or just Click the Image.
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