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Warts On The Penis?

So one morning you get up and go for a pee and you notice a bump on your dick. Or when you are in the shower you feel this strange lump. If you had sex the night before there may even be some blood.warning about genital warts You look closer and there it is….a Wart.

Where did it (or they) come from and what does it mean? Are there any more you ask as you feel around the shaft, the scrotum and between the legs going to the bum.

Warts are nothing but skin growths. Usually they are caused by a virus called Human Papilloma Virus or HPV. Warts develop when the virus attacks the skin.

There are four types of warts in general namely:

  • common warts-found on hands and fingers mainly,
  • foot warts-on the feet but are usually planter warts that tend to grow inwards,
  • genital warts-more later and
  • flat warts-again on the feet as the pressure of walking flattens them out.

Should I Worry About the Warts?

Yes and no. All depends on where they are. The links above take you to pages that will show some pretty ghastly images for where such warts can appear or congregate.

The first takes you to a whole site dedicated to information about warts…the second takes you to wikipaedia.

If they are around your backside then one daily function will be painful to say the least….and they should not be confused with hemmorrhoids!

As it is a virus then it is transferable even if you use condoms. As for whether you can still enjoy sex… then again it depends where they are. If penetration causes you pain or the friction causes bleeding then you may have to abstain for a while.

I had a wart on my knee for about 10 years and one day it just vanished. I had another on the pad of my thumb which stayed for about 6 months and went by itself.

Viruses are weird things and it will take time for the body’s immune system to notice it and then kill it.

Do I have to live with them?

That is your choice as is whether you take medical advice or try something at home. Your options are to do nothing, let the doctors use lasers or cryogenics, or try something else. Only you can decide as it is your body.

If you are curious about what home remedy you can try then why not look here or via the banner below.

When looking for a video that would help I did find some amazing ones that suggested wrapping your dick in a garlic paste or with raw potatoes every day for 6 weeks. Seems that some people will try anything.

But the one below is informative and has a very sensible message.

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